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rsReportParameterTypeMismatch when changing date in DateTime Picker

When viewing a report through the Report Viewer (http://servername:port/reportserver) I get an error message “Der Wert, der für den ParamEndDate-Berichtsparameter angegeben ist, ist für dessen Typ ungültig. (rsReportParameterTypeMismatch)” when changing the date value with the date time picker.
The browser is configured to use German as Language Preference. The time format of the initial value is “16.04.2007 00:00:00”. When changing the value trough the date time picker the format changes to “04/27/2007” and the error message rsReportParameterTypeMismatch appears when clicking “Show Report”. Viewing the Report through the Report Manager (http://servername:port/reports) I don’t have this problem because the intial time format in the date box has no time information (“16.04.2007”).
The problem also does not appear when configure the Internet Explorer language settings to English (USA).

Solution 1:

Change default language of IE of your client in Internet Options – Language. Check if the default language is correct.

Solution 2 :

Change Culture for your reportserver page.
Edit the ReportViewer.aspx webpage. It usually in this directory: “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\Reporting Services\ReportServer\Pages\”

Add Culture attribute to the @Page declaration like this:
<%@ Page Language=”C#” AutoEventWireup=”true” Inherits=”Microsoft.ReportingServices.WebServer.ReportViewerPage” Culture=”cs-CZ”%>

Now the date from the datepicker is presented in the culture specific format (for czech it is



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